January 28, 2014

The Circle: Blood Gift by Amy Lee Burgess #GuestPost #BookReview #Giveaway

When Claire became a vampire, she hoped she could forget her abusive past. But her mentor, the sexy, perfect Parker destroys her dreams of a new start. Soon, Claire devotes her new found psychic powers to helping abused women.

Drawn to the mysterious and handsome Andre, another master in the London Circle and Parker’s archrival, Claire enters into a passionate clandestine affair which causes her powers to ramp out of control. Wild, sensual sex morphs into something deeper and, for Claire, terrifying. Andre soon discovers her abilities and realizes he is her trigger–the one vampire in the world who can help her control her spiraling powers.

Bonding with him requires Claire to trust and accept his love, two things she cannot bring herself to do. The gift of love is something her past won’t allow her to accept. Even so, Andre will have to reach her in time to save her life or stake her when her powers drive her insane.

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Genre: Urban Fantasy / Vampire Romance
Release Date: December 10, 2013
Published by: Loose Id
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}The Book Excerpt}

“Claire.” Andre’s voice was heavy with desire. The way he said my name with his slight Irish accent was different from the way everyone else said it. I felt special. Different. As if I mattered.

I turned my head to look at him. He had me pinned to the grass, one hand on either side of my shoulders. I’d locked my ankles so my heels pressed into the small of his back. His eyes were smoldering dark, and my lips parted.

That was all the invitation he needed. The burning shock of his mouth against mine was electric, and I brought my hands up so I could bury my fingers in his soft hair. I had just enough presence of mind to weave a shield of privacy so that mortals didn’t register we were there and avoided walking near.

Andre and I connected like interlocking pieces of a vast puzzle. Our kiss went supernova hot in an instant. I curled my tongue around his, and the whole world froze. Mortals were nearby, but their thoughts abruptly cut out of my head. For all I was aware, Andre and I were the only two beings on earth .

The explosive taste of his blood made me moan. He’d deliberately nicked his tongue on his fang. My own fangs burst from my gums, and I scraped my tongue against one of them. Blood spurted, and it was Andre’s turn to groan. The cold grass beneath my body seemed to disappear as if I floated weightless with only Andre’s kiss to anchor me. Time sputtered and died, and nothing mattered but his hot mouth moving against mine.

“Claire,” Andre said again through the blood in his mouth.

Four golden weeks I’d waited for him to kiss me, and now he was, and it was glorious.

“I’m going to make love to you in the grass if we don’t stop.” He increased the pressure of his lips against the hollow of my throat. “Come home with me, angel.”

“Dre,” I whispered, shaking with fear and desire—I wasn’t sure which was stronger. On fire for him, I didn’t want him to stop touching me. While his body was pressed to mine, we had all the time in the world, but when he moved away, would everything crash? “I’m scared.”

“Of me?” He lifted his head so he could look into my eyes. The night around us was alive with the sound of crickets. Stars wheeled in the sky, and the earth pressed against my back. I was suspended in the universe. Nothing mattered but him.


I touched his cheek with the tip of my finger, traced a line to his sensual mouth. I wanted to kiss him and taste my blood mingled with his. “Of everything. Of this not being real. That this is all a lie like Parker says. That I don’t matter. That nothing matters. That this is a race to see who can hurt the other first.”

He winced as if in pain, and I buried my face in his shoulder. He pulled me tightly into his embrace and rested his forehead against my head. “I won’t hurt you. I swear I won’t.”

} The Guest Post }

I can’t remember when I fell in love with London. Was it senior year English Lit class when we focused on British classics? Sixth grade Christmas play when I was the Ghost of Christmas Future in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? 

Maybe it was when I was thirteen and first visited Hercule Poirot’s symmetrical flat in Whitehorse Mansions?

Or all those Barbara Cartland regency romances where the heroine would have her “season” in London and be dubbed “Rose Incomparable” or “Golden Beauty” as she navigated ballrooms and morning rooms during the course of her courtship with the dashing Marquis of Newcombe – everyone knew he was a rake, but what they didn’t know was he was a spy for His Majesty and instrumental in averting war. 

When I was a freshman in high school, the senior class trip was London. I was elated when I was told that lower classmen could go too. I asked my parents and they, at first, said yes. I was in my glory. London at last! I’d waited my whole life it seemed. (Fourteen whole years! Wow!) 

At first the trip was X dollars. Then it was XY dollars. When it bumped up to XYZ dollars my parents drew the line. No London for me. 

Crushed, I retired to my bedroom where I consoled myself with a Poirot mystery and dreamed.

I watched PBS dramas and British comedies. Always good with accents, I tried my hand at an English accent. I used to drive my friends crazy after high school when I would declare it British For a Day and I would pretend I was English when we went out to play miniature golf or to a bar. 

When I was twenty-nine I went to visit my parents. They lived in North Carolina and I lived in Connecticut. I arrived for a week thinking I would spend it walking in the woods with their dogs and watching movies with my dad. 

Of course, when my mother told me I ought to bring my passport, I knew something was up. She worked for an airline and so she got fabulous deals on tickets. I never dreamed London though.

But, yes, instead of spending the week in North Carolina, we flew to London. I still remember my first breath of London air.

It…stank. But I loved it. 

We took a train from the airport to Waterloo Station and from there we walked six or seven blocks to our bed and breakfast. I almost got creamed four different times crossing the street. It’s left, right, left, Amy, not right, left, right. They drive on the left here. 

The pipes in the bathroom of my rather tiny basement room were monstrous tangles of Edwardian glory. I could have spent the day staring at them, but there were places to go!

First stop – Kew Gardens. Well, really, a small tea shop to buy lettuce and tomato sandwiches to eat on a bench in Kew Gardens. I watched planes flying above, headed for Heathrow. And then giggled. Heathrow. Heath. Row. I was in LONDON. 

The trip was a blur of wine bars and pubs. I spent a morning at the Tower of London – I walked over Anne Boleyn’s GRAVE! I saw the crown jewels! 

We took a launch to Greenwich and straddled the meridian. Greenwich Mean Time! We trekked up and down the hills near the Observatory. Those damn hills were steep. Two friends passed me on the hill, sweating and happy. One yelled back in a British accent, “Come on, Eileen!” 

One night we tried to find the Jack the Ripper tour – only we didn’t take the right line on the Tube and ended up in the East End. Lost. We asked directions. The man who gave them was in a hurry and spoke rapid-fire fast. I was the only one who understood what he said. Thanks to watching PBS, Ab Fab, and other British dramas and comedies. And British For a Day, of course!

We took a double decker bus to tour London at night. That was my favorite. As we traveled the dark streets, the lights of London twinkled across the Thames and lit up the night like fairy lights. 

Years later when I was writing Blood Gift, I would close my eyes and bring those lights up in my mind. The way they danced across the black water of the river and glowed red and white along the wharves. So beautiful. Otherworldly. Mysterious.

My protagonist, Claire, loves the nightscape of London. She got that from me. 

People ask me why I chose London for my vampires. I guess this is my answer. 

} The Review from the Realm }

We really loved Amy's Wolf Within Series, so we jumped at the chance to review The Circle: Blood Gift

This book is Amy Lee Burgess at her very best. The characters are well-written with a depth that's not often present in the current selection of paranormal books. It's evident that there was a lot of careful thought and time put into writing this story - It all just clicks. And Amy's world-building is second to none! This combined with a dark and sensuous plot makes for a powerful read. 

The underlying message of overcoming damaging experiences and learning to find worth in yourself is blended throughout the story. Can Claire ever come to trust anyone after being raised by an alcoholic mother and the abusive relationships she experienced before she was turned? Will she ever be able to believe herself worthy of unconditional love? Claire's journey to find these things within herself is truly an exceptional story, and we're sending out a 5 Star Review from The Realm for The Circle: Blood Gift!


} About Amy Lee Burgess }

Amy Lee Burgess lives and writes in Houston, Texas but her heart belongs to New England – especially in the autumn.

Ruled by two dachshunds and addicted to Irish breakfast tea and the Walking Dead, she loves to write about vampires, wolf shifters, gargoyles and other assorted paranormal creatures. Amy loves to travel to places like London England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Paris France and Providence, Rhode Island where she stalks the coziest Irish pubs she can find.

She writes to trance and house music by candlelight and welcomes email from her readers – especially if they want to talk about the supernatural.

} Listen to Amy Read an Excerpt }

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